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   Interview of Mr. Dipanjan Saha, founder of Webhawks Technology.

Mr. Dipanjan Saha founder of Webhawks Technology.
Dipanjan Saha, founder, Webhawks Technology. 01 Aug '10

Mr. Dipanjan Saha was born in 6th September in Kolkata. He was brought up in a lower middle class family and his father struggled a lot to find his identity in his home appliances business. He is interested in drawing from childhood and won some prizes in drawing competition. Mr. Saha from childhood was not interested in his family business After undergoing sometime in the IT service sector, he decided to go for 180 degree turnaround towards software business. Throughout his time in the service sector he achieved best employee award in 2005 at Sleek Infosolutions.
FreshersIndia: When did you start your company?

Dipanjan Saha : Officially on 2009, before that temporarily working in it.

FreshersIndia: Did you start with partners / investors or alone?

Dipanjan Saha : This company was started by me alone.

FreshersIndia: Can you tell us something about your background and how you became an entrepreneur?

Dipanjan Saha : Brought up from a lower middle class family, where my father struggled a lot to get his identity in his business. More over from child wood I was not much interested in family business. After leaving my job I decided for my self identity in software business. Since I had experience in software background. I got good inspiration from my parents since I going into a different kind of business which is far different from our family business

FreshersIndia: Can you dwell on some of the problems you faced as a small start up company?

Dipanjan Saha : No such problem because I was temporarily working on it on a smaller basis, after leaving my job went for a regular basis on my business.

FreshersIndia: On which technology does your company do maximum work?

Dipanjan Saha : PHP, in designing Photoshop, Flash.

FreshersIndia: Where do you thing about the future of PHP MySQL Technologies?

Dipanjan Saha : Strong future as it is Open Source and very fast.

FreshersIndia: When you started out, did you have any doubts regarding your success?

Dipanjan Saha : No Doubt.

FreshersIndia: What are your future plans for your company?

Dipanjan Saha : No such specific plans, going on business and to make it a bigger one in this Industry.

FreshersIndia: What should people who want to become entrepreneurs learn before setting up shop?

Dipanjan Saha : Before going for entrepreneur first go for experience in that sector you want do business. This sector is a strong technical sector and you should have max knowledge about this technology before you start any business. The most important thing is how to talk to clients and your patience level.

FreshersIndia: What will be your message to Freshers preparing for their first job in the SW industry?

Dipanjan Saha : - Competition are increasing day by day. So I will suggest fresher target for small jobs and go for experience. And those fresher who going for big companies should have technical knowledge and should also be good in aptitude and English.

FreshersIndia: Could you tell us how freshers india students are as compared to other institute students.

Dipanjan Saha : We had the best employee from Freshersindia.Ii would give 9 out of 10 in the standards of the students.