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Since 2004, IPEG Solutions (FreshersIndia), has helped thousands of Freshers join the software industry. We are offering FREE live classroom courses on technologies like Python, PHP, Javascript, Full Stack etc. We Love Freshers and we love to teach. Get trained in our Sec 1 - Salt Lake office, get certificates. Totally Free.

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How is FreshersIndia doing such things? Why is it free?

This is just an honest way to do business advertising! Start by watching this 2 minute video - just one of our batch of students and you will understand why our students love us.

Yes, these are genuine Feedbacks. This is just 1 batch, we have trained hundreds of batches like these.

Let us show you how YOU can be a highly successful MNC professional travelling the world soon in future too.

👍 Part 1: Introduction

PART ONE : Introduction - (2 Minutes read)

How it all started

A faulty Education system teaching obsolete technologies, the Pandemic, ineffective Government policies has led to high unemployment in India today. Freshers are falling into depression and there has even been suicides.

Our Founder, Nikhil Narayan, once himself had been in an even worse position. People said he was a total failure, but he luckily met a person whose advice changed his life completely, and he became successful.

Mr Narayan has been helping freshers achieve the success they deserve for more than a decade. He is an Entrepreneur, Motivator and one of India's finest software experts. He has given training to IITians and MNC Professionals on AI, IoT, Full Stack Technologies, Entrepreneurship and more. Mr Narayan has been featured on national News and through FreshersIndia, he has helped more than ten thousand Freshers become successful.

He has been deeply affected by the hardships freshers have faced and has therefore decided to help as many Freshers as he can through his unique training programs which exposes the secrets. There are big Secrets in the software industry, which 99% Freshers have no idea of. If you know the secrets YOU too can become a master of programming and land senior jobs. Continue and see how these secrets can change your life.

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PART 2 : YOU Deserve the BEST - (1 Minute read)

Sometimes, even highly deserving and intelligent Freshers like YOU are unable to succeed because they did not receive the right teaching and guidance unlike those who are born rich and are able to afford the best teachers and training. To become a great doctor, you have to study under great doctors, similarly, to become a great software developer, you have to learn from a great software developer.

You can be coached by Nikhil, who has mentored IITians, Entrepreneurs and MNC Professionals. Scroll below to see why Nikhil is the BEST teacher YOU deserve, and click Continue to see how we will change your life.

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If one day you want to give seminars in IITs and MNCs, You need to learn from a great teacher. Scroll down again,

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There are a lot more pics, but you get the point, right? Continue reading below to really change your life.

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👍 Part 3 - Change your life

PART 3 : Watch These Videos of Freshers Like YOU who changed Everything - 8 Minutes.
You may skip this part if you trust us, otherwise, here are some more feedbacks.

You should not trust photo and text testimonials on different websites, they are sometimes fake. This is why we provide video feedbacks - the ultimate test of Truth. Listen to some of these videos randomly. Carefully analyse the videos, they were Freshers just like YOU, then they met Nikhil. A Wizard of programming, Nikhil was the First in India to start PHP in 2004, Android in 2008 and today works and trains people on AI, IoT, Full Stack etc. Watch a few videos and click on the next button to find an even better offer we have for you. There are hundreds of other such feedbacks available.

Finished this? Awesome! Remember, always keep your goals high and always keep learning techniques to reach it. Nikhil was a no body, until he learned things that changed everything. Click the Part 3 button to hear a message from his heart, just for YOU.

👍 Part 4 - Most Important

PART 4 : If you need more confidence!

Ok, this is a serious, longer video. Skip if you are in a hurry, but if you want to understand our system in details, need more confidence in yourself or us, watch this video.

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FINAL PART : Join our FREE 15 Day PHP course, learn and get certificates, Totally FREE.
Congratulations, you have come to the last step. We are having two batches, the offline version is Free and the online version has a small fee to ensure non-serious people don't come and disturb the serious ones.

FREE 15 Days PHP Programming Course.
This course will help you build a strong foundation for more advanced topics like Full Stack, JS, PHP, React etc. You will also get a certificate at the end. This is the most important programming language which can help you get jobs in the smallest or the biggest companies as well as become a next generation entrepreneur.

Eligibility: This supercharged course is suitable for both those who know programming (BTech/BCA/MCA etc) and those who are new (BCom/BA etc). If you think that is strange, remember, companies like IBM, when they started, hired people from Maths, Physics, Arts and Philosophy and trained them Software Development. There are secrets they dont tell you.

Offline Batch: FREE

        Offline Live Classroom training in Salt Lake, Sec I, Kolkata. Held 5 Days a week, Every Monday to Friday. Only 9 people per batch.

        Dates: Starts on Tuesday, 21st March 2023.
        Duration: 2 Weeks.
        Fees: Rs. 0/-
        Batch Timings: 1:00pm to 3:30pm

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Online Batch: Rs.2000

Sorry, this option is not free as it attracts non serious people. Online Live Classes on Google Meet/Zoom App. Fully interactive and as good as offline classes. You need a computer with a stable internet connection. Five Days a week, Every Monday to Friday. You can choose from two batches, Evening or Night.

        Dates: Starts on Tuesday, 21st March 2023.
        Duration: 2 Weeks.
        Fees: Rs. 2000/-
        Timings 1: 9:00pm to 10:30pm (Night)
        Timings 2: 4:00pm to 5:30pm (Evening)

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